Business IT Services

Hourly Service Rate – $125

We help business’ every day get things done. We start by fixing the issues you know about, but we don’t stop there. You need a plan that makes sense of your entire business so it can run more reliably! From Payment systems to Networking, Printers to email, Telephones to surveillance and everything in between. If you don’t have a dedicated IT/Computer Person on staff then we should talk. Let SolidState be your IT Guide.

Emergency Service – $300

If you require urgent, cue skipping, business disrupting life shattering type support we offer emergency service that you can pay to get us there as fast as possible.

Professional Consultation

Professionals & Artists – $350

If your technology life is blurred between Business and Personal then take the time to have this one on one consultation. We will work together to organize all the aspects of your life into the manageable and painless workflows and make recommendations on how to protect yourself and your business. 2.5 – 3 Hrs

Individuals – $250

Are your tablet and phone not talking to one another? Or just having a hard time getting a grip on all your passwords and accounts. Whether you are new to technology or a long-time user, Let us come over and make things work the way they are supposed to and bring a sense of order to your world! 3 Hrs