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What Our Customers are Saying

“The team is fantastic and goes above and beyond with even the smallest tasks….”


Haliburton RPM

“Staff is polite, helpful and above all honest: if they cannot find a fix for a problem, the customer is told straight up without a ‘costly’ runaround.! Thank you”

Paula P.

Personal Client

“Kyle, from the second I met him, was kind, courteous and displayed his knowledge of things I have no idea about.
He is someone I will highly recommend to all people I know who need help with their computer…”

Rob C.

Personal Client

“I was extremely impressed with Adam’s ability to provide professional and proficient services for us. Adam is friendly, approachable, courteous and assisted using clear and concise communication without confusing us using jargon. Absolutely a Brilliant Man!
Thanks Bunches! ”

Maggie S.

Personal Client

“Everyone is super helpful, honest and make me feel so much better about my severe deficit of techy-type knowledge.”


Highland Glass

“Service by owner was quick, efficient, knowledgeable, personable and solved my computer problems while using clear simple language that I could understand and he liked my baking.”

Julie G.

Personal Client