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We have Clients.

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As of 2019

We are asking all clients to call (705) 457-3962 to initiate support with us

No systems will be accepted at our shop with out contacting us ahead of time

Operating Hours

Monday – Friday
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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We love feedback – oh look here’s some now…

“The team is fantastic and goes above and beyond with even the smallest tasks….” Cheryl

Haliburton RPM

“Staff is polite, helpful and above all honest: if they cannot find a fix for a problem, the customer is told straight up without a ‘costly’ runaround.! Thank you” Paula P.

Personal Client

“Everyone is super helpful, honest and make me feel so much better about my severe deficit of techy-type knowledge.” Stevie

Highland Glass

“Service by owner was quick, efficient, knowledgeable, personable and solved my computer problems while using clear simple language that I could understand and he liked my baking.” Julie G.

Personal Client