An Open Letter From SolidState’s President.

SolidState is Here to Help businesses keep working!

Dear Past, Present & Future Clients,

My name is Adam Perecko and we’ve been asking ourselves here at SolidState, “What can we do to help our community weather the chaos that the COVID-19 outbreak is causing to help businesses stay open?” 

With forced closures as our government continues plea for social distancing, the only option for many is to work from home. But what if that feels impossible? 

Are you feeling uncertain, even overwhelmed and stressed about how to manage your business going forward?

If so, SolidState Computer Solution is stepping up to get you and your business through this crisis. Keep Reading to learn about our FREE REMOTE OFFICE Service. 

Here’s where we come in!


Built on the SolidState Remote Support platform, Remote Office combines remote access for your staff and Trusted & Secure IT Support from SolidState whenever you need it. 

We will set up all the computers with secure remote access to everything you and your employees need to keep your business moving.

This includes:

Setting up employee’s personal computers with login software to access all your business’s regular files and systems, just as if they’re sitting in front of their work computer, print files locally or in office and access files they need to work locally as well! 

Ensuring security for your business by confidentially assessing your employee’s personal computers, to ensure your business email accounts, systems and files aren’t liable to viruses malware or ransomware. 

The ability to collaborate on group systems, so you can hold productive virtual meetings and consultations in real-time. 

We’re offering this completely complimentary service, forever, to ensure your business can easily adapt to the current landscape and beyond.

We have additional security, and enhanced management options available for a nominal fee that allows you to restrict access to specific users. i.e. accounting, owner or other sensitive data.

We can also provide services such as the following:

The ability for you, as an employer, to monitor your employees’ workflow, to take away the uncertainty of how to manage employees remotely.

Ongoing support, being built on the same remote support platform we use to help hundreds of business and individuals solve there issue remotely and securely, it also allows us to respond to any request to ensure your systems are managed, up to date, and in good operating condition, to ensure your business isn’t slowed down by any unwarranted tech issues.

Instant Antivirus Licensing for only $5/month with no contract so we can add and remove it at any time. 

Virtually anything else your business needs to adapt: from cloud-based telephone systems to servers, repair and remote support. Just reach out and we will be there! 

Start by filling out this short work request here, and we’ll be in contact ASAP to get you up and running swiftly and securely!

We look forward to working with you and we wish you, your families and employee’s health and safety during this time. 

I truly believe this is our moment to step up as Canadians and do WHATEVER we can to support each other, this is our first step, and we want to take the next steps together. 

Call or Email if you have any questions 705 457 3962 |

Let us be the IT department you never thought you’d need!


Adam Perecko
SolidState Computer Solutions

Proudly in business for over 10 years in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada.