The thrill of a chase. The excitement of a sale. Congratulations! You didn’t pay full price for that pair of shoes or that new fishing rod. Considering the announcement of an eminent increase in food costs and the “Cauliflower Crisis of 2016” we’re all trying to find a deal. We can’t blame you – but sometimes deals are too good to be true, and we see this in our shop at our clients’ expense.

Pirated software is illegal, and often you don’t know you have it. A dead give away is usually the price tag. The full cost of Microsoft Office Suite for Home & Student can run about $150.00. For the Small Business version: $250.00. But hey – for 50 bucks or less some guy could hook you up. For realz, yo!

It is important to understand the real risks associated with software piracy. In addition to legal consequences, users of pirated or counterfeit software often experience:

  • Exposure to software viruses including malware, spyware & ransomware
  • Corrupt disk or defective software
  • Inadequate or no product documentation
  • No warranties
  • Lack of technical support
  • Ineligibility for software upgrades offered to properly licensed users

The biggest risk is malware [malicious+software] that hacks into your computer and gains access to your personal data, email accounts and passwords. Now you’re looking at a compromised system with a bill for virus removal, new LEGAL software and data retrieval.

Here at SolidState you can be confident that all of our software licensing is legit. If the price tag for licensed software is too steep there are free alternatives called “open-source” software such as Open Office or GIMP.